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Have a plumber show up at your door step within 30 minutes.




Resolve your plumbing issues within 2 hours, or we will resolve your plumbing issues for free.


Solve Singaporeans’ plumbing issues such that they never have to worry about any plumbing issues ever again.


We aspire to continue to be Singapore’s top plumbing company and be your most trusted plumbing company.


Our Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

Clogged toilet issue?

We can help you unclog your toilets and faucets within an hour.

Hot Water HEaters

Heater not working?

Have any heater issues? We can help you resolve them immediately.

Drain Cleaning

Drain clogged and need repair?

We can make your drain smooth and brand new again by clearing any waste.

Gas Piping

Gas pipe burst?

We ensure your gas pipe issues will be fixed so that you can continue using gas.

Sewer REpair

Sewer clogged?

We fix your sewer pipes easily.


Need home remodelling?

We remodel your home to give your home a brand new design.


OUR Happy Customers

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Singapore Plumbing
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Macky Lee
Macky Lee
So professional in what they do I simply recommend
Tan Tze Liang
Tan Tze Liang
Every business owner's nightmare is encountering piping problems. I encountered piping problems and gave Singapore Plumbing a call. They arrived at my establishment within an hour and I am very satisfied with their service. The plumbers are friendly too.
Wei Xiang
Wei Xiang
With a family member that took too huge of a dump in the toilet, I had to find a plumber. I found Singapore Plumbing online. They were professional and efficient. I would approach them again if I ever have any plumbing issues.
Russell Ong
Russell Ong
i came back home to find my home floating with water. i realized that my toilet pipes burst. i had singapore plumbing help me out and i am surprised at how quick they responded. within half an hour, a plumber was at my place and he managed to fix my pipes within 30 mins! this saved me a lot of trouble and i would definitely call them again if i need their services


Frequently Asked Questions


Our company offers a 100% money back guarantee that from the time you give us a call, until our plumber arrives at your doorstep, it'll only take 2 hours. Beyond that, our service is provided to you as FREE OF CHARGE. Consider this as a compensation in delay of addressing your problems.

do you serve all areas in singapore?

Yes we do. No matter where you are located. Even if it means Sentosa, or Pulau Tekong , or even St Johns' Island. Our plumbers are located islandwide and will attend to your emergency ASAP.

DO YOU do both residential and commercial plumbing?

Yes. Our professional plumbers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to handle all sorts of plumbing situations.

Can I get a quote free of charge?

Yes. We do not charge if we are just simply laying out the terms of service. 

How do i contact you?

Simply call us at 9231 3757, or drop us a WhatsApp Message at 9231 3757 and we will attend to you shortly.